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When is it time for a career change?

By Michael Sgarbossa

That’s something that I recently asked myself.   I reached a point in time when I realised I was unhappy in my current work situation and I needed to make a change. But making a change is never easy and I was filled with anxiety about what to do. I began waking at night and stressing over what my options were.

I have a successful corporate career which I mostly enjoy, but the last year I started a new role within my company and I’ve not had the same level of satisfaction that I’ve previously felt. I have come to realise that we spend too much time at our jobs to do something that we don’t fully enjoy. So is it time for me to make a career change?

My current lifestyle is one of rushing during the week. I get up early, exercise, rush to get ready for work, then rush out the door for the train for a long commute to work. Then after a long day at work and a long commute home, I fall in the door and with what little energy I have left, I help out my wife and spend time with my son, before collapsing into bed!

Does this sound familiar to you?

What do I want?

Instead I want to create a career that gives me more flexibility and allows me to fit in all the things I find important in my day – fitness, quality family time, personal growth and a role that I find rewarding.

So I asked myself – how do I do that?

What are the career options out there:

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What are my career options?
  1. Go contracting – step away from my full-time job and go do freelance contract work.
  2. Start a business in my spare time and eventually earn enough so that I don’t have to work full time and that will give me more financial options.
  3. Start a franchise business.
  4. Negotiate with my current employer to be more flexible with my work week hours and days and work a 4 day week or a 9 day fortnight.
  5. Ask my current employer for a raise and see if that makes me happy? Or find another job and probably get more of the same?
These are my current options. Are any of these an option for you and why?  Please feel free to share with me.

Look out for my next blog in this series as I investigate each of these options for myself and discuss the advantages and pitfalls.

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