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Ways to Deal with Stress

By Paula Sgarbossa

With our ever increasing commitments from work and family life, stress is a factor in everyone’s life. Yet how is it some people don’t seem to let things affect them as much as others? How do they deal so much better with stressful situations?  This is how:

Accept that stress is a part of life

Instead of feeling as though the world is against them, many choose to accept that tough situations will happen. When they do, they focus on finding a solution or look for the silver lining. They are aware that even in challenging times, good things can come out of it.  A great example is people I know who have been laid off from their jobs. At the time it’s a horrible thing to go through but nearly everyone I know down the track said it was just the push they needed to make a needed change!

Choose healthy coping skills

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find healthy ways to deal with stress

To cope with stress, many people turn to over eating, alcohol or drugs. While those mentally strong people develop healthy coping strategies from the start. These could be going for a walk or run, yoga meditation, deep breathing, taking the time to face that situation and ponder on the ways to deal with it, or talk it out with a friend.  Other people often see a situation very differently to how you do and can help open your eyes to a new perspective.

Take better care of your Health

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exercise with a friend

Lack of sleep can greatly impact how you handle stress in your life. I found this especially when I was a new mum and was sleep deprived. Any little thing could send me into a panic or to overreact. We greatly underestimate how important it is for our mental wellbeing to get enough sleep and rest.  Also make sure you are taking time to exercise each day. It will do more to reduce stress hormones and chemicals in our body than any other activity. Go for a walk with the dog, try yoga, take a fitness class. Getting your blood flowing will help you process and ultimately relax more.

Get more organised

Make a list of the important things you need to handle each day. By following this list and not getting distracted, you will feel more organised and on top of things. Achieving the most important things on your to-do list will help you feel you’ve achieved more each day and give you a sense of mastery.

If these tips don’t help or you are struggling to put them into practice by yourself, it may be time to ask for help. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for help. A mental health professional – such as a psychologist can teach you more effective methods for handling stress in a healthy way.

Just remember, you are in control of your life and the choices you make. It takes practice and persistence to put these techniques into action. Once you do, you will find a great sense of achievement and peace from all the positive benefits that come your way!

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