woman holding her pregnant belly

What I did to get pregnant naturally

by Paula

Before you start thinking this will be like a 50 shades of grey type blog, I must jump in and tell you this is all about my mindset.  I believe this was the number 1 contributing factor to me falling pregnant naturally this year.

A little of my back ground. I tried to get pregnant naturally for 4 years until I turned to IVF to have my son. First round I got pregnant.

Then last year I decided I would like a second child. Well at least I thought I did, although I was a little unsure about adding in the extra complication of life of having another child especially when my son was still under 2. But age was getting the better of me reproductively so we began trying naturally. After 6 months I decided I didn’t have time to waste so turned to IVF. We did a full IVF cycle followed by 2 frozen embryo cycles all with no success. I did a second round of IVF then 2 more frozen embryo cycles again with no success.

It was at this point that I was fed up with the whole process. I felt my life was on hold. Physically it was draining and mentally it was heart wrenching to feel like a failure each month.

What happened next?

That’s when I decided to call it quits.  I decided I wasn’t meant to have another child and began to focus on being happy with the one child and the great little family we had. I started hitting the gym doing challenging fitness classes and made my fitness and health my main focus. I signed up to do some further study and made a significant financial investment to do it.

As a family we planned out our holidays for the rest of year and even began looking at what we could do the following year when our son was a little older, and hopefully easier!!  Plus we made more of an effort to go out on weekends and have fun with our friends, have a few drinks, relax and enjoy life.  I felt I had turned a corner with my life and wanted to enjoy what life has to offer, and be grateful for what I have.

Then a few friends got pregnant or had new babies and once again I began to think about maybe trying IVF again. Considering how much I was enjoying life right now and the thought of putting myself physically through another egg collection I just didn’t know if I could handle it. I spoke to my IVF specialist and decided that the following cycle I would do one last go at IVF.

husband holding wife's pregnant belly
husband holding wife’s pregnant belly

In that few weeks before the start of the new cycle I had my son’s 2nd birthday party. We had a fantastic time and I had lots to drink and really lived it up for a few days as we had family staying with us.

Then came time for my cycle to begin, but it never did. After 10 days I called my IVF doctor who had me do a blood test and sure enough, I was pregnant! I was thrilled because I had achieved pregnancy all on my own (well of course from a little help from my husband). What I had been unable to achieve for 4 years prior to my son and the previous 9 months, I had succeeded!

So my message to all women wanting to conceive – live your life, let go of the outcome and just focus on your current life. Be happy and focus on being fit and healthy.

The universe will take care of the rest…

I wish you all the best on your journey to having a child.

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