Are You Looking To…

Create a Better LIFESTYLE?

Fed up with long commutes to work?
Rushing the kids off to day-care and school?
Struggling through the week, wishing for the weekend?

Imagine creating a career that can allow you the freedom of more time flexibility and greater choices for your family.

Improve Your FINANCES?

Would you love to pay off your mortgage?
Struggling to pay your kids school fees or wishing you could afford the holiday you want?

Financial worries are one of the biggest stresses between couples in our modern society. Work smarter and create an online business that works for you.


Stuck in a job where you feel unappreciated and underpaid?
Feeling unfulfilled with your life?
You know deep down you’re not living up to your potential!

With all the challenges and responsibilities we face today it’s easy to settle for an average life. Life isn’t meant to be average, it’s meant to be outstanding.
Empower yourself by creating your best lifestyle and help others achieve that too.

How We Can Help Get You There…


There is so much ‘free’ training available on the internet, but are you lost and overwhelmed not knowing where to start? Or fearful that you’re going to waste your time on trying to piece together a strategy that may or may not result in a profitable business?

The SFM training program
makes it simple to start an online business from scratch and have you earning as quickly and realistically as possible.

Easy to follow training modules deliver a simple step-by-step process that anyone can follow regardless of experience or educational background.


Want to get started in creating an online business but struggling to work out what product or service to build a business around?

The SFM offer the perfect opportunity to promote their products and services through their innovative Affiliate program so you can earn while you learn and grow your confidence alongside your existing career.

Learn about e-Commerce and Affiliate Marketing and discover the business model that fits you best for the products or services you develop a passion for promoting in the future.


It can be a pretty lonely journey starting a new business.

Being plugged into the exclusive SFM private community of likeminded and enthusiastic entrepreneurs already on the path and taking action means that you’re not on this journey alone. Make friends and get your questions answered through chat, live forums and a dedicated support team.

Access to mentors that already have the results can guide you on your path to succeed in your business through 1-1 consultations, weekly webinars and live events.

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